New Horizons

September 9, 2018

Welcome to Sea Glass Reflections!

I’m celebrating all things new! After 4 years with the old website, I decided it was time to refresh and reboot. It’s a feeling of revitalization combined with an updated appearance. With that said, the change wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, it was tough and downright frustrating. I think of myself as a bit of a geek, but my strength on the geek meter doesn’t apply to website design and development.

Making the decision to go to a WordPress platform was easy. Friends and associates have suggested this for some time, now. Even finding a host and a third-party theme for the layout wasn’t hard. All three are compatible with one another, so what could be so challenging? Well, it’s ME. I am the challenge. Complete transparency, here. I have been bound and determined to put it all together myself and not rely on someone else to create what is essentially my brand.

My first roadblock came with getting ‘The Trinity’ (WordPress, Flothemes, and the Holy Host) downloaded to my Mac. It’s not like a didn’t try. Shouldn’t it be plug and play? How many others have sat at their desks wondering if they would survive this endeavor? Fortunately, I called on my trusted friend, Tanya Mulqueen from Yummy Lil’ Things and she got everyone playing nicely together, so I could move on with the creative side.  Show Tanya some love by checking out her website and blog!

Now that the foundation has been built, this platform will allow me to share what I’m working on along with what I’m learning. Yes, I don’t ever want to stop learning. By broadening my photographic geekiness and inner techie spirit, I can better share with those of you who also enjoy learning.

Something else new happened this Summer as I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at astrophotography. Through some research and help of local photographer, Lou Vega, I hauled my aging self out to Folly Beach one night and began the set-up process to capture the Milky Way. Despite experiencing moments of trepidation, I wandered through the dark to a secluded beach spot on a moonless night. I kept saying to myself, “Just shoot for the stars, girl!”

In the midst of setting up my tripod and camera in the dark, I wondered if the few people sitting on the jetty or wandering the beach were at all puzzled at what I was trying to accomplish or were they in their own worlds and not at all interested? I heard a soft voice behind me ask, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to scare you, but can I ask what exactly you’re doing?” I had to confess I didn’t really ‘know’ what I was doing, but I knew what I was ‘attempting’ to do. She took an interest and even enjoyed viewing my map of the sky on my phone. Yes, of course, there’s an App for that!

I spent the next 30 to 40 minutes adjusting my settings and length of exposure while culling my shots along the way. It felt great trying something different and gave me a sense of accomplishment. The image, itself, is not perfect, but neither am I. It is, however, a reminder that with time, perseverance, and patience, we can be better and start fresh.

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