Hope is Sweet

May 14, 2020

Spring is seen by many as a season for renewed hope and rebirth. For graduates of the class of 2020 and their families it’s been a season of uncertainty. Will classes resume before the end of the semester? Will Prom take place? What about graduation? Will students be permitted to move into their college dorms? The questions mount.

Let’s face it! These past months have wreaked havoc for the entire global populous. Millions of us wondered when we might see our loved ones again and many were forced to face the fact they wouldn’t. Heartbreaking beyond words.

We are reminded, however, there is always HOPE. Hope for improved health conditions. Hope for our economy. Hope for new beginnings. Let’s focus on that: New Beginnings. 

This brings me right back to our graduating Seniors. New beginnings have become part of the cycle and I have been fortunate enough to work with many Seniors over the years and witnessed a small part of their sense of hope.

Hope couldn’t be any sweeter for this Class of 2020 Senior from Goose Creek High School. Maddie discovered a passion for baking a few years ago, not just brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. She pushes herself to create more complex recipes that even many experienced bakers would attempt. By combining interesting flavors and artistic techniques, she produces pastries that are every bit as beautiful as they are deliciously divine.

When I learned of Maddie’s interest in pursuing a culinary degree I was immediately intrigued and knew I needed to capture her in her element. Her parents were more than willing to offer us the latitude for some flour throwing, sprinkle blowing mischief despite the mess we would be making.

Maddie’s parents, Scott and Jennifer, are wholly supportive of her pursuits. So much so, they redesigned an area in their kitchen for her workspace. She has collected an amazing array of tools to enhance her craft and works with ease. How do I know this? As I watched her concentrate on each element of decorating her delicacies, she had the most content smile on her face. Here she was being watched and photographed at close range and she never missed a beat!

My connection with Maddie was borne through a love of baking and I was tickled to see she had prepared pizza dough, so it was time to play with flour and dough! (Seriously, if you’ve ever felt the soft, supple texture of dough in your hands, you know what I’m talking about.) As she began to roll out the dough, I asked her if she was going to toss the pizza and spin it. That wasn’t something she had planned on, but I’ve done this a time or two, myself, and knew by her skill level she’d get the hang of it. Boy, was I right!

Want to know how excited she was conquering her first pizza toss? Take a look…

The foundation this graduate has received at Goose Creek High School, in conjunction with Berkeley Center for the Arts, has laid the groundwork for a successful future. She will be pursuing a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.

Often times, my Senior sessions will end with a big handful of confetti coming straight at the camera, but we knew there was only one way to celebrate Maddie’s future…

HOPE IS SWEET…..and even better with sprinkles! Congratulations, Maddie!

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